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It seems that a new flying vehicle pops up every few months these days. Most recently, we've taken a look at the Biofueled Skycar and the flying Ferrari from longtime flying car proponent Moller. Now we have the SkyBike, designed by a California company called Samson Motorworks. This one differs a bit from most others due to its use of the trike configuration. Three wheels would potentially make it easier to register this vehicle for the roads in the United States, but it's still a far-fetched idea. No matter, Samson Motorworks hopes to get this vehicle from the concept stage to production status by 2010.

Designer Sam Bousfield seems to recognize the limitations of a flying vehicle himself, saying, "At first I thought I could bolt on wings to a typical motorcycle, and worked out how to do that, but the thought of flying at more than 100mph hanging out in the 'breeze' did not appeal to me. Landing on two wheels would be difficult also." The end result is an enclosed three-wheeler with a canard-style wing configuration. See a video after the break to get a better idea of how this would all work out.

[Source: Motorcycle News]


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