According to a grand jury indictment, a New Mexico prostitution ring mastermind was trying to extort two-time Indianapolis 500 winner Al Unser, Jr. for $750,000 over a videotape. Bobby McMullin, the ringleader, allegedly had an unflattering video of Unser that he promised to release to the public if Little Al didn't pay him. The racer signed a letter agreeing to pay an unspecified amount for the tape, and indeed some payments were made, but authorities don't know how much money changed hands.
Authorities also don't know – or haven't said – what is on the tape. The former racer said he made the payments because of a "morals clause" in one of his endorsement contracts that could have been at odds with whatever was allegedly on the tape. The attempted extortion happened during the 2004 season while he was with Patrick Racing, his last season behind the wheel.

Although it's unclear why Unser is connected with the defendant, Abuquerque prosecutor Mark Drebing has gone on record that it appears Little Al hasn't done anything wrong, and that Unser is listed as a victim in the indictment.

[Source: Indianapolis Star]

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