While overall new vehicle sales are still in the tank, there is some good news for you if you're trying to sell big trucks. With the ever-declining price of gasoline, truck and SUV sales are seeing a rebound and will make up 51 percent of the total this month. This isn't great news for those of us who think downsizing is the way to go, but when gas prices shoot up again (and they will), we'll see who's smiling.

According to CNN, December sales of trucks and SUVs will outnumber cars. For most of 2008, the order was reversed. Aside from the "they've giving it away" feeling at the pump, winter weather and big discounts on the sales lot are helping push big vehicle sales back up. Analyst predictions are that hybrid sales will be down as well this month. For now, it looks like Ford made the right move.

[Source: CNN via Autoblog]

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