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We don't speak Swedish, but that's not getting in the way of our understanding a new commercial (watch it after the break) for Fortum, a Nordic energy company that highlights the Tesla Roadster. The imagery is pretty telling as it highlights the switch from the old horse and buggy days to the proliferation of gas-powered automobiles, especially when Henry Ford's portrait is slimed by oil. The commercial intentionally paints a bleak picture of dirty oil wells and pollution before offering a contrasting look into the future, with an emphasis on electric vehicles like the Tesla Roadster.

Obviously, we're all for the proliferation of the electric car, but the comparisons being cast between Henry Ford's old Tin Lizzie and the Tesla Roadster are a bit far-fetched. The Model T from Ford Motor Company was an inexpensive way to bring personal transportation to the masses, something more akin to the current crop of NEVs than the Tesla Roadster. Still, the commercial gets the point across, wouldn't you say?

[Source: Inside Line]


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