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Yep, just after posting a story that Aptera seems extremely unlikely to get its first production model shipped before the end of 2009 comes news that essentially seals this fate. Aptera is now saying that all production models will be front-wheel drive, a major change to say the least. Previously, Aptera's preproduction models used a belt-driven rear wheel, leaving the two hoops up front alone to steer the vehicle. No longer, as Aptera offers the following reasons for the switch:

1. Better weight distribution, which, in turn, maximizes stability
2. Improved traction during acceleration and in inclement weather wet conditions
3. More efficiency at higher speeds
4. Increased durability during the life of the vehicle
5. Improved noise insulation
6. Increased rear cargo space (without sacrificing front legroom)

We're not going to spend any time arguing with any of those 6 points, but we're also fully aware that this change will further postpone sales of the 2e well into the future. For what it's worth, an Aptera Forum member named Steve (any guesses as to who that may be?) claims that the decision to switch to FWD was made all the way back in January.

[Source: Aptera]

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