The Tazzari Group has sent out their monthly update that reveals a little bit more about their up-coming all-electric city car and retains an optimistic tone despite the recent bankruptcy of their planned UK distributor, the NICE Car Company. They report that they have been receiving lots of interest and hundreds of questions about the Zero via their website. Promised in their missive is that this will be the last Zero-less Christmas and suggest you might want to leave a little extra room under the tree next year. Of course, if you live in North America the chances of it being available here within the next 12 months are slim.

Also revealed were four different "driving modes" available to drivers and selectable by means of four different colored buttons on the dash. Yellow is your standard daily drive mode. Green offers some extension to your range and, presumably, cuts back on some of your acceleration potential. Blue is for rain drive mode and increases safety for more hazardous conditions like rain or snow. Red, our favorite, is for reverse race (I always get that wrong) and allows you to drive it like you stole it. We hope they make some actual photos available soon but in the meantime, we offer you a gallery of renderings below.

Source: Tazzari Group]

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