Perhaps it was too rich to be true. The bunch at WIRED, the same magazine that questioned a similar story in 2006, has got three reasons to believe that yesterday's news about biodiesel made from Beverly Hills liposuction patients is a hoax.
The first reason is that that the doctor in question, Craig Alan Bittner, "acts like a publicity whore." OK, but why anyone would want to be in the spotlight for this particular item is beyond me. The second reason, as reader Mike Z pointed out, is the little detail that the biodiesel was supposedly used to power a Lincoln Navigator. Trouble is, there is no diesel version of this vehicle, so unless there was a mechanic involved in putting in a new engine, this just doesn't hold up. Third, and least convincing, is that WIRED says, "We don't trust any story that's based on a movie." Sure, you've got easy-to-make Soylent Green and Tyler Durden references, but that doesn't mean much. Taken as a whole, though, the story does look a lot less likely than it originally appeared.

Photo by » Zitona « ¬ QTR<3 [09]. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

[Source: WIRED]

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