Although motorbikes can pollute less than cars, they still have a carbon footprint. In some European cities - Milan, Rome and Barcelona, for example - there are more two-wheeled vehicles than cars, and all those smaller footprints add up. Spain has decided to do something about the emissions from these scooters by adding a registration tax based on their CO2 numbers, like cars. How does the system work?
  • If the scooter emits less than 80 g/km: 0 percent tax
  • Between 80 and 100 g/km: 4.75 percent tax
  • Between 100 and 120 g/km: 9.75 percent tax
  • Over 120g or over 100hp power: 14.75 percent tax
Of course, the measure hasn't been welcomed by the Motorbike industry, which states that it will be a disaster for sales. Right now, this isn't a convincing statment, since most sales are concentrated in the 125cc segment, and these scooters are least affected by the new tax.

[Source: EP via Econoticias]

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