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For the first time since local production of the Vectra ended in 1998, GM's Holden division will, in 2010, build a smaller car in Australia. The new model will be built on the Delta Global compact car platform that also underpins the Opel Astra, Chevy Cruze and, of course, the Volt. Over the past decade, Holden has only built larger, rear wheel drive vehicles based off the Commodore platform (available in the US as the Pontiac G8). However, increased fuel prices and concerns about the environment have caused demand for those vehicles to sag recently.

Holden wants to use the program to take the lead in alternative fuel and drive system development in Australia. Holden is evaluating E85, diesel, LPG and CNG engines for the vehicle. Start-stop hybrid technology is also being evaluated. This would likely be the next-generation GM mild hybrid system which will debut around that time-frame. The new car will be built at Holden's Elizabeth factory in Adelaide.

[Source: Holden]

GM Holden To Build Small Carline Alongside Best-Selling Commodore

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