This story has it all: Beverly Hills types getting their body fat liposuctioned out, the doctor then saving that fat to make biodiesel for his SUV, and an investigation by the California public health department.
Under investigation is Craig Alan Bittner, who recently left the US to go to South America and "do volunteer work at a clinic." While he was still in Beverly Hills, he worked at Beverly Hills Liposculpture where he sucked fat out of "pampered Los Angelenos" (as Forbes put it). He then converted the body fat to biofuel for his Ford SUV and his girlfriend's Lincoln Navigator (UPDATE: which is odd, since there is no official diesel version - so does that make this story a hoax). There are two problems with how Bittner made his biodiesel. One, it's illegal to use human medical remains to make biofuel. Two, some of Bittner's former patients have complained that he "removed too much fat from [them] and left them disfigured." Even though he skipped the country, Forbes writes that Bittner claimed he had his patients' permission and support to make the biofuel from their unwanted blubber.

This isn't the first time we've tagged a post with both liposuction and biodiesel. Here's a classic 2006 post on the same subject, but that might've been a hoax.

Photo by » Zitona « ¬ QTR<3 [09]. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

[Source: Forbes]

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