The Brickyard Crossing Inn came to be known as the Speedway Motel, and back when it was built 45 years ago, there wasn't another hotel in sight. Now there are 30,000 hotel rooms in the vicinity -- many of them much, much newer -- and it's been decided by the powers at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway that the Speedway Motel just doesn't have a place in the modern world. After a year of deliberations, they concluded that bringing the establishment up to modern standards would simply cost too much, so the hotel has been closed and its fifteen workers sent home for good. Our guess is that turning it into a museum where Paul Newman's Winning was filmed, Jeff Gordon ate pizza to celebrate his 1994 win at the Brickyard 400, and a number of unmentionables happened simply wasn't compelling enough. The building will be razed in a few months (sparing the pub, restaurant, and pro shop), and nothing new, as yet, is planned.
[Source: Motor Trend | Photo:]

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