Road crews in Ankeny, Iowa, have an interesting problem on their hands. It seems that the city is using just a pinch a half-and-half mixture of garlic salt and normal rock salt to season clear its roads during the winter. How did the small suburb of Des Moines manage to get 18,000 pounds of garlic salt, you ask? Apparently, a local spice company called Tone's had no use for the garlic salt and had it earmarked for a landfill. Instead, the tasty condiment was donated to the city for use on its roads. While we didn't actually know it was possible to use garlic salt to clear roads (though it often does a great job clearing a room - get it?), we never would have imagined that it would cause the cleanup crews to "feel like ordering a steak and a baked potato." Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction.
[Source: Consumerist via Kicking Tires]

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