There's always lots of junk on Craigslist, especially cars. There are also often screaming deals, but seven VW Vanagons for a buck still strikes us as an upside-down transaction. While they're quirky, delightful, and generally well made, Vanagons can also be appallingly unreliable, especially mit der Wasserboxer engine. Still, when you've spent a good part of your formative years rousting around in a beloved Vanagon named Big Blue, it's hard to not quickly consider rescuing the lot before they turn into a pile of fine German oxide.

The cruel reality of this gaggle of vehicles is that their value is mostly scrap. Seven Vanagons - some Westys, some standard, possibly an air-cooled engine or three in among the water-pumpers (that undoubtedly have their quirky head gaskets blowing bubbles into their water jackets) will require more funding than the Detroit Bailout to put right.

[Source: Craigslist]

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