During the holidays, millions of Americans will pack up their families and go for long drives to visit friends and kin. Along the way, they'll enjoy the scenery together, share stories and the miles will fly by in familial bliss. Yeah, right.
Instead, if you're lucky, the kids will be in the third row of the minivan/SUV playing video games with wireless headphones on while Mom or Dad drives and you nap. If you're not lucky enough to have such devices in your vehicle, fire up your iPhone (you do have one of those, right?), and download Punch Buggy Mobile.

It's the iPhonified version of that age-old game we've all played. Spy the designated car, score a point. The old-fashioned version was good for at least 15 minutes or until someone lost count of the score and a fight ensued. That's where Punch Buggy comes in. It keeps track of up to three players' scores and expands the game past one particular car to a whole list of them. Spot a MINI Cooper, score two points. Spot a yellow MINI Cooper, score four points. Etc, etc.

There's a both free and pay versions of the Slug Bug applet, the latter of which costs .99¢ and gives users a chance to win real prizes by spotting the company's Ca$h Buggy out on the open road. Visit their website for more details.

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