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Toyota of Australia's TRD performance arm was launched two years ago to give the brand a little flavor and add a third factory tuner option to the long-standing battle waged between Holden's HSV and Ford's FPV. Bowing with the Aurion TRD and HiLux TRD, the brand haven't exactly set the Outback on fire. Two years and just 888 sales later -- about one-fifth of HSV's depressed sales this year alone -- TRD Australia is closing up shop. Neither car ever really took off with industry pundits, being called out for a number of perceive failings. All of that -- including an economic downturn -- made it even easier to wrap the whole thing up and punt it out the window. The Australian TRD rally team is also under review. Toyota hasn't ruled out returning when conditions improve, but hopefully it will be with a better performing group of vehicles.


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