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The Th!nk story is moving fast. To read what's been happening with a possible Th!nk bankruptcy and/or bailout, click here, work your way up from the bottom of the page, then come back. OK. All set? Here's the latest:

According to the New York Times, the rumors that the Norwegian government will not help the electric automaker are now being supplanted by rumors that the government will help. Th!nk CEO Richard Canny emailed the NYT and said that events were "changing quickly," and that the government aid "remained a possibility." One of Th!nk's battery suppliers, Ener1, told us earlier this week that it's too soon to panic. Ener1's CEO told the Times that the Th!nk situation "is not our dream scenario, obviously, but it is a short-term blip on the radar," adding "To get this close and not go over the goal line would be a tragedy." More news soon, I'm sure.

[Source: New York Times]

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