London's Congestion Charge scheme may soon be coming to an end. Mayor Boris Johnson has already canceled the planned congestion zone expansion into western London and the residents of Manchester recently voted down a similar C-Charge plan by a huge margin. Now, Johnson is saying he has not ruled out a complete abandonment of the entire system. Back in 2003 when the C-Charge was first instituted, the goal of reducing traffic on London's busiest thoroughfares seemed noble enough, and the city could surely use the extra income generated by the £8 charge to enter the CCZ and the fines of between £60 and £180 for non-payment. Now, though, Johnson is considering putting the kibosh on the entire thing due to the downturn of the global economy.
In the meantime, Londoners looking to get their last-minute shopping done for the holiday season won't need to worry about the charges until after January 1, as Johnson has extended the normal Christmas-season suspension of the C-Charges until the new year.

[Source: PistonHeads]

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