Ford Works Solutions caters to the kinds of commercial builders and workmen who will buy trucks no matter what state the economy is in because of one simple fact: they need them. Its four main features -- Internet access with limited Office functionality, Tool Link, Crew Chief, and Cable Lock -- are meant to not only help owners and workers look after their trucks, but also look after the tools necessary to do their jobs. As usual, that kind of convenience is going to cost you.

You can get all four features installed for $2,815 on regular and Super Duty F-150s. To that cost you add the monthly charges: Crew Chief is $16 or $20 per month per vehicle for a minimum of three years; Internet through Sprint is either $25 or $50 per month plus taxes and fees; and LogMeIn, used to access the desktop back at the office, is an optional $50 per year. If you went for the full functionality of Works Solutions you'd spend about $80 after taxes on the service, which isn't exactly nothing, but not bad considering how much the extra knowledge is worth and how much tools cost nowadays.


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