Is it just me or is news about a country + a utility company + Renault-Nissan is becoming more common than getting updates from a major sports league? The latest news comes from Switzerland, where one of the Alpine country's utility companies, Energie Ouest Suisse (EOS - an old plant is shown in the picture above) has announced an agreement with Renault-Nissan to promote the use of EV cars there. The plan will work to establish a dense network of recharging stations around the country. Transportation is the source of 33 percent of Switzerland's CO2 emissions. According to EOS, switching just 15 percent of the road traffic is the country to run on electrons would save 1.1 million tons of carbon per year. And here's two fun facts: The Swiss were the creators of car-sharing schemes; Switzerland is also the country where the first-gen Smarts were converted to EVs.

[Source: The green car website]

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