We can see it now: The Clarkson defense. An Australian man, mistaking the TV show Top Gear for proper driver training and experience, got his 4x4 into an oscillating mess while pulling a trailer and crashed. (Image above is of an art installation outside Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art, not the actual accident. Just thought we should clear that up.) The accident unfortunately claimed the life of the man's 85-year-old passenger, and while it's been deemed an accidental death, Richard Browne's justification for his actions is a head-scratcher. "Top Gear... always say to put the accelerator down and get out of it, the worst thing you can do is brake," Browne explained, missing the point that driving dynamics and techniques are rather different when towing. After all, a vehicle that's being wagged by its trailer is an altogether different animal than hanging the tail out when exiting a fast sweeper. Apparently, however, stupid is universal.

[Source: News.com.au, photo by Nil :) | CC 2.0]

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