When the market doesn't offer what you want, maybe it's time to make it yourself. At least that's what Cornelius Cronin in Oldsmar, Fla., thought when he bought an old Chevy S10 for $900 and replaced its gas engine with an electric powertrain. The DIY EV bug is contagious down in Florida, apparently, and other individuals and small businesses around the Tampa Bay area are taking the initiative to build electric cars themselves. These green tuners are not building expensive hypermilers: they're happy with a 25 to 50 mile range.

Sebastien Burgeois, president of a St. Petersburg manufacturer of solar pool heaters, is another, ahem, convert. He turned a couple of 1965 VW Beetles into electric drive vehicles and now sells the parts and information as a kit for $7,000. Ten kits have already been sold. Who said Florida was just a paradise for Caddy lovers?

[Source: St Petersburg Times via CanadaEast]

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