A rubber bullet has been dodged: NASCAR can still count on sponsorship dollars and involvement provided by the Detroit 3. Chrysler has stated that it will reduce the funds that flow from its taps into NASCAR, but won't leave the sport. As far as marketing and advertising goes, the "stock cars" still pay. Mike Acavitti, who runs the motorsports program at Dodge, said "We have to get our expenses in line with our revenues," but also said that "We're not going to pull out. We are going to throttle back. NASCAR is not exempt from anything else that we do to market and promote vehicles."

Chrysler is cutting back 30% on its NASCAR spend, but will still honor its current contracts. Ford has said it's reducing its NASCAR fund by 20%, and GM says that it, too, will be doling out a smaller NASCAR allowance and letting track sponsorships lapse to go along with its getting out of the Yankees business. Even Toyota plans to spend less on NASCAR. No matter what, though, NASCAR isn't going anywhere -- after all, even if all of the car companies and all of the other sponsors left, the guys in the overalls could always race, you know... stock cars.

[source: Reuters via Speedzzter]

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