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So while it turns out that PSA is actually not looking to buy Honda's F1 team (that's why they call it the rumormill), the brand could have seriously sporting aspirations of a different sort. According to Jean-Pierre Ploué, PSA's chief designer, there might be a 20-edition run of the GTbyCitroen, the car Citroen created for Sony's GT5. The game car specs came in at 3,000 pounds and 782 horses, some of those powered by hydrogen. If a real car -- actually suggested to be a grand tourer by Citroen's press release -- were built, we hope they opt for a version of the Peugeot 908's diesel V12. For 700 hp and 800 ft-lbs, we'd have no problem driving a car that looks like a catfish up front and a platypus out back. No matter what they put in it, expect it to be tres chere if it ever gets built.

[Source: Cardisiac via Motor Authority]

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