Auto sales in the UK are taking a beating just as bad as they are here in the States, as year over year sales in the Queen's country dropped 27% in October and 37% in November. That's bad news for General Motors' Vauxhall brand, especially considering the automaker's current financial situation (or lack thereof).
To help keep costs in check during this lean time, Vauxhall has offered a nine-month sabbatical to any worker at its Ellesmere Port facility that wants to hang up his or her work boots until October 2009. In return, Vauxhall is offering up to 30% of that worker's pay during the time off. While that doesn't pay the bills in most cases, money for nothing is tough to beat. The goal of the program is to help Vauxhall and GM keep their structural costs down, though they aren't expecting many takers. The 5,000 workers at Ellesmere are getting a trial run of life without work right now anyway, as the plant is on shut down for an entire month. Thanks for the tip, James!

[Source: BBC]

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