While the hydrogen fuel cell news has been relatively quiet of late, that doesn't mean that fuel cell work has stopped. Kia (along with corporate partners Hyundai), for example, has been actively developing the technology. On the Kia Buzz blog today, Hyun Jin Cho of the company's Sustainability Management Team discusses one of the latest steps in the process. Kia is partnering with the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute to use neutron radiography to look inside running fuel cells. Managing the air/hydrogen mixing ratio and flow of water out of the stack are key to optimizing the efficiency of the system. If water is not evacuated quickly enough or if too much air or hydrogen is injected, the efficiency drops off. The neutron imaging system will allow Kia engineers to see where the water is inside the stack so that flow patterns can be adjusted. Similar systems have been used in the United States and Europe in the past.

[Source: Kia]

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