On many roads of the world, motorcycles greatly outnumber cars and a good deal of those two-wheelers use old 2-stroke technology, which is almost always significantly dirtier than newer 4-stroke engine designs. Count Egypt among those locations, with an estimated 300,000 2-strokers running down busy metropolitan streets, belching out plenty of oil-filled blue smoke along the way. Naturally, this is a problem, so Industry Canada and the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency have jointly started a $1.4 million project to retrofit these motorcycles to run on natural gas.

A Canadian company called Yugo-Tech (no, not that Yugo) and the Egyptian Light Transportation Manufacturing Company have created the necessary technology to make these conversions a reality, using numerous sensors and computers to precisely meter the operation of the older engines. Compressed natural gas burns significantly cleaner than gasoline and the Egyptian authorities hope that this will be a first step toward introducing much more stringent emissions regulations in the country.

[Source: The New Cafe Racer Society]

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