This particular blogger doesn't have any children, unless you count two dobermans and a chihuahua. Regardless, I always find that it's fun to give kids a listening ear and hear what they have to say. It's oftentimes rather surprising just how tuned in to the world they can be. Need proof? Jennifer Lance over at Eco Child's Play has a daughter who recently wrote a letter to Santa. Like millions of other such letters, the idea was to have the kids write down what they want for Christmas. Despite already knowing that Santa isn't a real person (what???), Lance's daughter asked for - you guessed it - a pony along with a Japanese marbling kit. That's not what caught our attention, though. The letter succinctly concludes with this:
"For the planet, I would like people to drive cars that run off something that is not gasoline."

Will Santa spread his flying reindeer technology to the masses later this month? At least one child hopes so.

[Source: Eco Child's Play via Gas 2.0]

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