Development of the Chevrolet Volt may be continuing full-speed for now at GM but that program is the exception rather than the rule at the General. Everywhere else in the company, programs and introductions have been delayed. The combination of excess inventories of existing vehicles resulting from slow sales and cash flow issues have caused vehicles such as the Saturn Vue and Two-Mode hybrid and the plug-in version to be delayed. If GM were to start building the new strong hybrid Vue they would have to pay suppliers for the parts, something they are trying to avoid right now.

Similarly, the plug-in requires engineering hours that would have to be paid for. It's ironic that politicians want to force the Detroit automakers to build greener vehicles but, until the Big Three get a cash infusion, it can't happen. Similarly, even more efficient versions of conventional drivetrains are being pushed back. GM has two new engines coming that were supposed to be shown to media this coming week. In light of the current situation that briefing has been canceled. It's not clear if the introduction of the engines themselves has been delayed, but odds are that that will be the case.

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