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Click the image above to see video of MINI's 3D Cooper Convertible

MINI is proving to be somewhat recession-proof, with 43% and 56% increases over the past two dreadful sales months. The marque is also keeping up its cred as a clever marketeer, with a new print campaign that can make a 3D MINI appear on your computer screen. The specially-designed MINI ad is able to interact with your webcam using technology called Augmented Reality. Simply log onto the URL printed on the ad, follow the instructions (in German), and voila! You have a realistic 3D model of the new MINI Convertible. To turn the 3D model or zoom it in or out, simply move the actual ad in front of your webcam. It takes a bit of processing power, so it helps to have a relatively modern computer. Follow the jump to view video of the interactive ad, and if you want to try it for yourself, print one out and surf to the special website. Thanks for the tip, Cory!

[Source: The Future of Ads]

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