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Last weekend, I went to see Neil Young in Detroit and knew I needed to write at least a little bit about Young's paean to the LincVolt (and plug-in cars in general), a new song called "Fuel Line."

Pretty much every review of Young's current tour mentions "Fuel Line." It's true that the song has "awkward lyrics about electric cars," and that Young "appeared to lose a few fans along the way as he experimented with" the new song (along with one called "Sea Change"). The Chicago Tribune said that: "Another fresh tune, 'Fuel Line,' was written from the perspective of an electric car, the kind of gimmick that might've found its way onto one of Young's less distinguished 1980s album." Sadly, as much as I'm in favor of EVs, "Fuel Line" (with its "Fill 'er up!" chorus) was just a bit out of place in a set that was mostly hits like "Rocking in the Free World" and "Love and Only Love." Still, the LincVolt is more than a vanity project for Uncle Neil. It's now also part of his song catalog.

Thus far, I can't find a site that's streaming the song, in studio or bootleg form, for you to listen to. If anyone out there has got a link to share, please do so.

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