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Wednesday we showed you a clip of the Shanghai Lady exacting revenge on a tow truck driver taking her beloved crossover. Even though the video was quite possibly staged, it gives us a tiny thrill to see the roles reversed like that. Today, it's another story, but unfortunately this one doesn't end so well for the driver or her poor Audi.

After finding her Audi sitting on cinder blocks on Thanksgiving morning, Chris Thompson called police and her insurance agency to report the theft. While waiting for replacement wheels and tires, the car sat on the street, still up on the blocks. Meanwhile, a neighbor who thought the car might have been stolen and dropped on their street called police to report it. A $250 ticket was placed on the Audi even though the full police report of the wheel theft was clearly visible in the windshield.

What happened next seems almost sacrilegious. The city towed her car with no wheels on it. They just winched it onto a flatbed by dragging it on its rotors. They didn't even remove the cinder blocks beforehand. As you can imagine, the owner is quite upset and the poor Audi faces a long time in the shop and tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. Click over to WJLA to watch the video, but be forewarned: It is a bit wonky. You may have to watch Regis and Kelly or an Acura ad several times before it plays. Just be patient and keep clicking. Thanks for the tip, Seminole!

[Source: WJLA]

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