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It may not seem like the most interesting piece of news you'll read today, but there's a bit more beneath the surface of the appointment of Russell Datz to the Director of Public Relations at Fisker Automotive than initially meets the eye. Datz has previously worked with Lotus on the launch of the Elise Roadster in the US along with Panoz Automotive, makers of Ford-powered sportscars here in the States. This being the case, Datz should bring along some much-needed credibility to the Karma project from the more traditional automotive gearhead contingent. Considering that Fisker is marketing its Karma PHEV sedan on both its environmentally-friendly qualities as well as for its merits solely as a performance sedan, credibility is something that will be sorely needed to gain acceptance from each side of the aisle. Of course, we wish Datz the best of luck in his new assignment and we look forward to seeing the production Karma at the Detroit Auto Show next month.

[Source: Fisker Automotive]

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