Click above to start laughing at our auto bailout speech bubble comics

During the past few weeks during which the auto industry has struggled to secure government loans to stave off bankruptcy, we've covered the proceedings in an unusual way. We found this one picture of the Detroit 3 CEOs during their testimony to Congress that encapsulated what we felt was going on. GM CEO Rick Wagoner and Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli are locked in a stare, just as their companies are locked together as the two most desperately in need of gov't aid. Ford CEO Alan Mulally sits off to the right looking the other way, just as Ford stands apart from its domestic competitors as the only with a shot of surviving without federal funds.

Though the events of the day are serious matters, we had our fun and kept things light by using this image over and over again, each time adding different speech bubbles with what we thought each CEO was thinking. They were fun to create and we didn't expect it to turn into a "thing", but we've gotten so many requests to compile all of these speech bubble comics in one place that today we've decided to oblige. Click below to start from the beginning and there are a few bonus comics at the end from other posts related to the auto industry bailout.

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