Need a quick little something to do during your lunch break? The EcoDriving game from the Auto Alliance has been up since September and AutoblogGreen readers have managed to - as a team - come in fifth place in the overall rankings. To mark our/your ecodriving skills, the Auto Allliance has paid to offset the carbon emissions of an "average sized car" for a year in our name. Thanks, y'all.

Now, a quick look at the EcoDriving leader board shows that Wonkette Readers are pretty untoppable in first place, but I think we can move up from fifth, don't you? I think it's doable to overtake the Political Wire Readers and maybe even TPM. Got a few minutes? Remember to read the tips about emptying the trunk and pumping up the tires before setting out on your journey.

[Source: Auto Alliance]

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