If an emergency loan for the Detroit 3 makes it through Congress, part of the deal will be an overseer for the industry to make sure the money is spent wisely. Of course, the question is who will fill the car czar's slippers? MotorTrend editor Angus McKenzie has come out in favor of Roger Penske, an interesting choice particular considering his successful at the helm of various business endeavors, not to mention his racing teams. In the past, Penske has even been mentioned as a potential CEO of General Motors.
Naturally, since this makes so much sense, it'll never happen. Most likely, either some clueless bureaucrat or a crony of the current administration will get the job. But there's a distinct possibility that whoever fills the position will carry over to the Obama administration.

[Source: MotorTrend | Image: A. Messerschmidt/Getty]

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