Click above for a gallery of the Mercedes-Benz Concept BlueZero E-Cell

All is not lost for the upcoming Detroit Auto Show. Auto Motor und Sport reports that Mercedes will bring three new electric drive concept vehicles across the ocean. The Blue-Zero E-Cell (pictured) will be powered exclusively by lithium ion batteries. The others, called the Blue-Zero E-Cell Plus (hybrid) and the Blue-Zero F-Cell (hydrogen fuel cell), we don't have pictures of. Yet.

The E-Cell Plus adds the Smart ForTwo's turbocharged three-cylinder engine to the E-Cell package, and its batteries can move the vehicle for 100 km (62 miles) on their own. With a full charge and a full tank (and using regenerative braking), the E-Cell Plus will go 600 km (373 miles). The engine powers the battery during the drive but can also directly move the wheels when needed. Without the liquid fuel assist, the E-Cell's li-ion pack can move the car for up to 200 km (124 miles), while the F-Cell can go twice as far using the 90 kW fuel cell and capturing energy by regenerative braking. All three should make the jump from zero to 100 kmh in under 11 seconds.

[Source: Auto Motor und Sport (Google translated version) via Autoblog]

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