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It may be viral, but it's too hilarious not to post. We just came across a YouTube video in which a Chinese woman, who the internet has lovingly dubbed "Shanghai Lady", finds her beloved Chevrolet Captiva held captive by a tow truck driver. The South Korean-made CUV is on the hook, tail held high with its front wheels planted, when the lady confronts the tow truck operator. After a short spat she decides she's had enough, gets into her vehicle and starts it up. The tow truck driver gives the rear wheel of the Captiva an angry kick, but that doesn't stop her. She puts it in gear and proceeds to drive off, tow truck in tow. Like any great comedy, the driver is left to chase his truck on foot. It's good for a nice chuckle before you sign off for the night and expresses what a lot of us hope we might have the intestinal fortitude to do if caught in this same situation. Follow the jump to see the clip.

[Source: Automobiles De Luxe]

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