This may come as a shock (or, actually... not at all), but Travis Pastrana is rumored to have injured himself, which may render the oft-maimed X Games star unable to compete in the upcoming Race of Champions. The RoC pits the world's greatest drivers from various motorsport (and other sports) against each other piloting identical vehicles, including the new KTM X-Bow. Pastrana has already raced in the RoC back in 2003, 2006 and 2007 – always making at least the quarter finals and managing to reach the finals in '06. He was most recently in the news for winning a Gold medal in the Rally competition at this past summer's X Games 14 (shown above during competition at X Games 13, in which he also earned Gold).

This time, Pastrana is rumored to have broken a hip and an ankle, though we're not sure how the injuries were sustained. If Travis isn't able to make it, Top Gear USA co-host and rally racer extraordinaire Tanner Faust may join NASCAR driver Carl Edwards to represent Team USA for the event. Of course, we send our best wishes to Pastrana for a speedy recovery.

[Source: Auto Fiends, Photo by Harry How/Getty]

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