South Yorkshire police enlist Mitsubishi Evo X in the force

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The South Yorkshire police just added a ten to their squad. No, that's not a sexist statement about some new hire, it's a reference to the new Mitsubishi Evolution X they just added to the fleet. Joining an already-intimidating Evo VIII and IX in the motorpool is a specially equipped X that should help keep the Road Crime Unit (RCU) ahead of the baddies. The Evo X should be more than adequate for tracking down drug dealers and car thieves by itself, but deployed as a pack, the trio of Evos will probably scare scofflaws into simply giving up the chase.

The new Evolution X squad car will also be fitted with an onboard Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system, which allows officers to "check who the vehicle is registered to and if there is anything remotely suspicious about the vehicle." So it even does a bit of detective work, too. This sounds like just about the perfect pursuit and apprehend vehicle. While it's no Lamborghini LP560-4, it's no i MIEV either. Looks a bit like that Carbon Motors E7, but it's a proven platform with SUPER ARREST POTENTIAL! There's a full press release after the jump and a small gallery of high-res pics available below.

[Source: Mitsubishi]


  • Lancer Evolution X to be used in the Road Crime Unit
  • Inspector praises Evolution's strong visual impact, performance and safety credentials
  • All-new Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system adds extra value to crime stoppers

Evo X Has Excellent Pursuit Capabilities
The new Police specification Evolution X has arrived with South Yorkshire Police to the great delight of its drivers, and the chagrin of local villains. The new car will be used alongside the ever present Evolution VIII and IX in the Road Crime Unit where proactive road policing is the mission and officers will be driving the new car in cases involving drug dealers and car thieves. "The Evo X was the car of choice because of its excellent pursuit capabilities and the fact that so much time and effort has been put into maximising performance whilst minimising the risk of accidents" Inspector Slack explained.

An intimidating view for any criminal

The Hunted Will Give Up
The new member of the team will be used on the same missions and at the same time as its previous-generation siblings, creating such a strong visual impact that the vehicle being pursued will often simply give up the chase and pull over, knowing they won't be able to out-run the RCU. What is more, the Police Evolutions 'hunt' in packs of three, which, Inspector Slack explained is often enough of a deterrent that high-speed chases are avoided.

Evo X Has The Latest Software and Hardware
Not only will the new Evolution X be one of the most capable performing cars, it will also be fitted with the latest Police hardware and software combinations. The onboard Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system allows officers to check who the vehicle is registered to and if there is anything remotely suspicious about the vehicle.

The latest hi-tech ANPR system is now fitted to the Evolution X

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