Kwang Yang Motor Co, better known as Kymco, is one of the very best Taiwanese scooter and motorcycle manufacturers around. Most scooter enthusiasts place Kymco right on par with such longtime Japanese manufacturers as Honda. Plus, we often get a good chuckle from the Taiwanese manufacturer's odd choice of names, such as "Bet and Win," "Grand Dink" and "Hipster." We also love the slogan, "Better than the Best." We promise, we're not making any of those up.
This being the case, we're excited to hear that the manufacturer is entering the electric cycle market. The first ebike to leave the factory will be known as the SunnyBoy... seriously, we just assume that these names sound much better in Taiwan. In any case, the new ebike is sure to be a quality piece and is scheduled to go on sale in its home market early in '09. We expect that the machine will hit the export market sometime in 2010.

[Source: Scootering USA]

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