Click above for image gallery of the Bend Rod Garage Challenger sculptures

We've come to that time of year when hear sentences that sound like this: "You wanted X (insert obscenely out-of-reach gift here), but that didn't work out so let us present Y!" And Y is always some little tchotchke that relentlessly reminds you that you don't have the X you want. Well, that's not the case with these Dodge Challenger sculptures, because we want one of them even though we're not in the market for an actual Challenger. The 12-inch resin sculptures made by Bent Rod Garage come in three factory colors, are limited to a run of just 300 units and will only cost you $120 out the door. Check out the gallery of images below, visit Bent Rod Garage for yourself and see if you think there's a better way to say "funky" this holiday season. Thanks for the tip, Tobias!

[Source: Bent Rod Garage via Musclecars]

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