Have you ever sat around with your friend and though, "hey, we should make our car an electric car"? Well, Danny Alva and Donato Helbling did, and they actually went through with their plan. Now, their DIY project is live both online - at Miami EV Project - and in the real world (see above). The two young men took a Volkswagen Golf III, gave it a can't-miss-it paint job, and swapped out the engine and fuel tank for an electric motor and batteries. After about 70 days of hard work, the final product was on display at the recent Green Art Fair Miami 2008. Even though the two were a bit exhausted by the challenge, they're ready to tackle more conversions soon.

Not counting the fancy $5,000 paint job (by the artist LEBO), this conversion cost the duo just over $13,000. They estimate it'll cost them $1.50 to charge the batteries and then go about 50 miles per charge. Alva and Helbling explain their case here, and Helbling's big question is this: "If we can do it, why can't everybody? Do we really need to wait for car companies to sell us a new electric car?" To answer that, keep an eye out for Alva and Helbling to possibly work on a reality show or documentary series called "Green Your Ride." Thanks to Donato H. for the tip!

[Source: Miami EV Project]

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