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As we had heard in the past, General Motor's upcoming extended-range electric vehicle will make an Australian appearance in 2012, and it will be wearing a Holden badge. Apparently, rumor and innuendo in Australia had the Volt coming to the continent as a Chevrolet. Holden's Managing Director Mark Reuss also says that the EREV will be introduced without the use of Australia's planned Green Car Innovation Fund. That's nice, but perhaps the General's spokesperson could have been a bit more appropriate if he didn't make such a big deal about the automaker using its own funds, considering what's been going on here in the US these last few weeks.
Also on schedule for Australian consumption in 2010 are flex-fuel Holdens. Along with the ethanol capability, GM is working with Coskata to open its first-ever plant outside the United States. That plant will make the alcohol fuel from waste products.

[Source: CarPoint]

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