Ford UK has announced improvements to the C-Max model that bring the car into the important sub-120g/km of CO2 range. The 1.6 TDCi models now emit just 119g/km and that means the Vehicle Excise Duty has been reduced from £120 to £35 (£30 starting in April). With this improvement, Ford claims that it's become the UK's leading manufacturer of cars under the 120 g/km limit, with 51 models in total. Once April rolls around, the Fiesta 1.4-liter and 1.6-liter TDCi models will pay even less VED, just £20, since they will fall into the new 101g CO2/km to 110g CO2/km bracket. The Fiesta ECOnetic, with emissions of just 98g/km will fit into the new zero VED category. The new changes in the British car tax system will also allow fleets to pay less for cleaner cars and these can vehicles be written off against corporate tax.

[Source: Ford]

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