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Back when Barack Obama was still vying for the official Democratic presidential nod, the now President-elect made a well-publicized switch from a HEMI-powered Chrysler 300C to a Ford Escape Hybrid. The issue, of course, was that the HEMI is seen as a gas swiller (15 mpg city / 23 highway) and an obvious target for those looking to point a finger at the junior senator's green credentials. So, out went the 300C and in came the defacto mode of transportation for image conscious politicians: a Ford Escape Hybrid. The trade made headlines a while before everybody moved on to more important issues. Or have they? Obama's old 300C is back in the news and currently up for auction on eBay Motors.

Just how much would it cost to park Obama's old whip in your driveway? We'll know for sure in about a week, but the opening bid is a rather staggering $100,000. Even a low mileage 2005 300C (this one has racked up just 20,000 miles) isn't worth more than about $17,000 or so on the open market. Is it really worth an extra $80,000 (and probably much more) to drive the next President's ex-car? If so, the bidding is now open.

[Source: eBay Motors]

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