Bob Lutz has been eerily silent of late. One would expect the Vice Chairman of General Motors might have something to say about the recent trips taken by GM, Ford and Chrysler to Congress, but he left the talking to his boss, CEO Rick Wagoner. When it comes to members of Congress suggesting Wagoner step down as CEO, though, Lutz could stay silent no longer. In fact, Blogger Bob even went so far as to offer up his own head for the gallows in order to keep Wagoner in charge. Lutz told the Detroit Free Press that he should go if someone has to resign, and he pointed out his controversial remarks regarding global warming as a reason to pick him instead. Lutz went on to praise his boss for transforming GM into a global automaker and streamlining the company's processes.
It should be pointed out that the current legislation on the table for $15-17 billion in federal loans doesn't include a requirement that any of the Detroit 3 CEOs resign. Senator Chris Dodd (D-Connecticut) did, however, mention in a TV interview that he thought Wagoner should "move on".

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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