Gee, something looks a little different, no? You may have noticed that we've redesigned your friendly neighborhood Autoblog today. This is technically the third version of Autoblog since its inception in 2004, and we think it's the best. Our goal was to clean up the clutter, thin down the site and add more usability. To that end, we hope you find the site loads faster while also enjoying larger images in our posts thanks to a new two-column page layout. We've also added a new module on the main page above the posts that keeps breaking news and featured stories in front of your eyes for longer. We've even reskinned the image galleries, though we're still in the process of uploading that redesign so bare bear with us. And finally, we've also included a masthead on the site for the first time ever, which gives credit to the amazing team of bloggers that makes Autoblog what it is every day.

Let us know what you think of the redesign in the comments, good or bad, and whether or not you encounter any bugs that we may have missed.

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