Photo by El Gran Dee. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

Ontario, the Canadian province that's thinking of not letting kids onto three-wheeled eco-cars, has made a green car-friendly move by deciding that Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs) will soon be allowed on the road. The rules for LSVs will be released later this winter, but we know that the vehicles will need to have specific safety features added. A government report called "Safe Integration of Electric Low Speed Vehicles on Ontario's Roads in Mixed Traffic" (PDF) by that the NRC-CSTT (that's the National Research Council Canada - Centre for Surface Transportation Technology) gives an idea of what those features might be. The group conducted an eight-week study to see just how dangerous LSVs would be on Ontario's roads and proposed making these slow vehicles impossible to miss with slow-moving vehicle emblems on the sides and a "40 km/h max" marking on the back. Daytime running lights and a "Notice of Limitations" document presented to the driver at the time of sale were also proposed. Another possibility would be to add LSV-only lanes (or maybe allowing LSVs in bus-only lanes) in some areas.

Ontario is the home of LSV maker Zenn.

[Source: Ministry of Transportation via EcoModder]

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