We were just mentioning the blossoming sales of electric cars in Norway and it appears that we have Arne Asphjell and his son Audun to thank for a small part of that. The two are behind an effort to establish electric taxis in the city of Trondheim and will incorporate theirs into the fleet of TrønderTaxi. Although we thought deliveries had begun some time ago, these are reportedly the first two Th!nk's to come off the line and were originally ordered three years ago.

Considered something of an electric car afficiando, Arne bought a C5 Sinclair in the 1980s and is also the proud owner of one of the original incarnations of the Th!nk. He bought it in 2001 when the company was owned by Fjord Ford. While it was originally meant to serve as a second vehicle, the plastic-bodied EV soon took on the car duties of 95 per cent of the Asphjell household trips. The two Th!nk cities were delivered in late November and handed over with a small ceremony that saw
Norwegian Minister of Transport and Communications, Liv Signe Navarsete, get the first ride. We hope thousands more follow suit.

[Source: Teknisk Ukeblad via TeslaMotorsClub]

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