There are a number of electric motorcycles and dirtbikes already on the market, and it looks like at least one more will be coming from Germany in the near future from eKRAD. A 21 kilowatt (28 horsepower) electric motor gets its juice from lithium polymer batteries that put out 72 volts of power. Those units have a capacity of 50 Ah, which compares favorably with competitors from Zero (58 volts @ 35Ah) and Quantya (48 volts @ 40Ah). There are a ton of other technical details that determine the overall speed and endurance of an electric machine, but extra battery capacity is always a welcome addition.
Like the aforementioned machines from Zero and Quantya, the eKRAD will be offered in both off-road and road-ready supermoto-style offerings. The only real difference is in the wheels and tires, which see 17-inch hoops with street tires replace the larger rims and knobbies of a dirtbike. Hopefully, this one makes it over to our shores. Competition is always a good thing. We located a video of the eKRAD and have pasted it after the break.

[Source: Supermoto Central]


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